Patel Nagar

In broad daylight around 3 PM on Sunday October 4, 2015, two thieves were breaking the locks of ‘motor-pump cages’ outside two houses in block 24, West Patel Nagar. When they were seen and challenged by some young residents, they started running. One of them managed to escape. The other one was caught. They had managed to break open two locks and had cut one of the pipes with a saw to remove the motor pump. The caught man Ravinder Singh admitted being a drug addict.

He named the escaped man as Rajesh, a resident of Rajasthani colony in Baba Farid puri near Patel Nagar. He too is a drug addict.

The drug menace as anywhere in the city has been going on around railway tracks near Shadi Pur Depot for long. Many times drug addicts can be seen doing drugs in the area and even within the premises of Shadipur Metro station.

The drug menace is not confined to any particular place. if you visit the busy Connaught place are you may encounter many groups sitting at ground doing drugs; some with smoke and some taking injections. Videos shall be uploaded soon. I invite you also to join and provide such videos.

See you later.




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