NGO Recruitement

STAR MAKER INDIA film and sports invites young dynamic personalities to be recruited as Founding Directors of its yet to be incorporated SECTION 8 company (NGO) in New Delhi.

IMPORTANT: Please take note that no work and no remuneration will be paid for the first 4 months for anyone. You may continue with whatever job or business you are doing at present during this period. You will required to be present along with your identity proof in the office of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs when required for registration. You will be allotted a DIN (Director Identification Number) by the Government of India and the Company (NGO) will be incorporated with you as one of the Directors. You will officially be a proud Director of the deemed one of the worthiest NGOs in India. “Worthiest do become wealthiest sooner than later”.

During the start-up period you will get only the ‘out of pocket expenses’ and the transport/conveyance may also be arranged for you.

Thereafter once the Company (NGO) establishes and successfully starts its operations, you may be recruited as Executive officer or Senior Manager in another profitable private organization with a handsome salary and you have to look after the operations of this NGO also side-by-side.

QUALIFICATIONS: Though technically you are not required to have any particular qualification to be the part of any NGO, some degrees/diplomas and accreditation certificates are always a help and desirable.

ABOUT our NGO: We are blessed with resources, the brains and the experience of varied fields from Films to Sports. Under our NGO we will be working for the welfare and betterment of poorest of the poor and needy who have got talent and flare of the above-mentioned fields (Cinema & Sports). We also work against the exploitation of the members of these fraternities. We’ll also try and fight against the newly found but always prevailing practice of ‘Nepotism’ or whatever crap that has crept in these golden fields of art of late.

YOUR DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Well you decide them! Yes, this is no joke that you just read. Under the able leadership of Mr. J. Narula who is the Executive Director of the company, you too are the boss and not an employee of the company to be told what to do and what not to. You will be assigning duties to yourself according to your capacities & capabilities. The Executive Director will decide about the next event, its course of action and ably guide you how to get going about it. Thereafter its up to you to be laid back about it or work hard 18 hours a day in order to make it a sky-reaching event.

For example it will be a Musical show event to begin with and followed by Cricket Talent Tournament for the rich and the slum kids of Delhi (together). For those of you not familiar, Mr. Narula has been a cricketer and an enthusiast. Both events will be organized as ‘sponsored’. You will be given the leads to fix the sponsors.

This is just a beginning among a thousand tasks that are in the queue. Life may finish but the assignments may not. May be your children continue them some day. Meanwhile the main business of the company will be the making of Ad-films, feature films and Music albums. (Yes, Mr. J is a musician as well!). The company can earn a fortune in these fields. Please do not get confused when we talk of business within an NGO. Here is the explanation:

For those of you who may not be knowing about the Companies act 2013, the big difference between NGO and a Section 8 company is that Section 8 company is a Private Limited or a Limited Company for the practical purpose of conducting any business and earning money. Otherwise both NGOs and Section 8 companies are similarly Charitable in nature and can even accept donations which gives the tax benefit to the donor under section 80G of the Income tax act.

BENEFITS for the DIRECTORS: If you come out as a ‘winner’ in the interview & grab a Directorship, you will be the among the few lucky ones in the city who become the cream of the powerful and the glamour society of the National Capital. For every event you organize: the recruiters, the guests including chief guests, the guests of honor, the sponsors that will be anything from MPs/Ministers to Corporates and the film stars will be at your disposal to entertain and sit next to! Get photographed with them to your heart’s content. Your visiting card will be a thing to envy for your friends and your passport size photograph with introduction as Director shall be on front page of the official website of the NGO even after you take voluntary retirement some day. That may become the Golden period of your life right till you are active in public life. ‘Stay healthy, stay in lime-light’ may become your mantra in life for the decades to come. You will feel like the real cream of the society. There is no retirement age in this privilege that you enjoy. Moreover you will be a shareholder of the company and you can transfer your share to your children or anyone else in future.

Fill the following form with full concentration and be ready for face-to-face ‘friendly-but-grilling’ interview. Grilling because it has to be! As you can imagine inducting Directors may be a lifetime deal that cannot be done or undone in a hurried way. After filling this form you may receive a call from number 93*8**8806 that may become your biggest hurdle in joining the Company. This is because only after talking at this number you will receive another long form to be filled. We have known about you in this form, now we will know about your thoughts, your temperament and your style of working with much more in the next form. You’ll have to fill it applying your full mind and even heart. This is necessary because you are never required to give even one paisa for getting your Directorship or for getting your share in the company and so you become a member only if the man behind this phone number thinks you may be beneficial to be taken. You may opt out of that form if you decide that you can explain yourself better talking face to face rather than writing too much. In that case, you are welcome to visit and do all the talking face to face. You have to come face to face in any case for an introduction even if you have made everything clear about you in the form.

The man behind this phone number we are talking about is no one else but Mr. Narula itself, very simple as a human being but at the same time very tough to be convinced professionally. You will hear a very soft/friendly voice from the other end but the person behind this voice is scrutinizing every detail about your personality and your temperament. But do not worry, the logic never leaves this man. Be simple, be yourself while you talk. Any of the languages Hindi, English, Punjabi or even a cocktail of Bhojpuri is okay as long as you are able to explain yourself properly and comfortably. He will not be asking too many questions from you; its you who have to do all the talking without even being asked. It can get as simple as that! Quickly fill the first form and get going. Good luck!

There are separate forms for the Ladies and the Gentlemen. Ladies first…Gentlemen should scroll down.

Please note that you may sometimes have to press the submit button again till you get a ‘form filling successful’ message. Afterwards you can even edit your response if needed.

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